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Love… For A Black Panther

Another Black Panther has passed away. Once again, we weren’t ready. I know, It wasn’t your plan to leave us…. but still I felt a little cheated someway

News of our loss of you, came from across the room, it came like a bolt of lightning

I guess it had to snatch me out of hiding, where I’ve been secretly abiding, in a place I was not inviting -the world

So I’m reeling, because I’m seeing and hearing and feeling, another Panther dies, another light rising, another knight fighting for his life,

Another loss that will be forever with us, another side of grief that keeps us longing for the end of death, which is illegal by the way, That’s why we fight it everyday, it wasn’t supposed to happen this way, We were meant to live.

We wanted to pray for you, to place a command before Heaven for you, It’s what we were created to do, because GOD told us to,

He said, ” Concerning my sons and concerning the works of my hands, command ye me”

We would have commanded long life, we would have reached into the past with our prayers and bound all sickness and disease, we would have prayed until we had the release

Prayed… until your body remembered its first estate, until Heaven was opened by the sound of our faith

Prayed… until the future made room for our gift… your life was another one of our gifts!

We would have persuaded, negotiated, commanded it!

More time to see you reviving, thriving, living and not dying

More time for you to bring us close while you create, and motivate,

More time for you to bless and be a blessing,

More time for you to edify and encourage,

For all that you gave, we should have given, we should have nourished

Your soul, through prayer, with fasting and courage

To believe that nothing shall be impossible, because we believe

For every spirit you lifted, whether scripted or unscripted

We give thanks to GOD, that your gifts were shared with each one of us

We give thanks that your spirit existed, that we couldn’t resist it

To All the Black Panthers out there, I bless GOD for your life

I want you to live and not die,

I want you to thrive and strive, for much more than to survive

There’s so much goodness in you, that chases your greatness

In the final scene, on the this world screen

The Panther is not the enemy of the Panther,

Wakanda Forever!

For My Grandson…Because Judah roars for the Black Panther

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Dr. Madison,

I would like for you to post my tribute to my friends Mother, who just passed recently.

Unexpectedly, I ran into a friend at an Academy Event. Someone I had not seen in a lifetime. While we were catching up with the years, he shared that his mother had a Change of Address… She had moved into the House of The LORD.

Something just stayed with me during our conversation. It was that numbing compassion that you feel, when the presence of another human being has left this earth.

A Woman of GOD and Her Son

In my opinion, the loss of a parent is one of the greatest gaping holes, that we will ever feel in life. Despite this, I took a risk, because I couldn’t get it off my mind, so I asked him to send me a picture of her. I wanted to pray for him and the family.

Everytime I pray for them, I know I have to do something to inspire them to set in motion the foundation of her legacy. I know her children, will know what that looks like. Whether it is a foundation, a shelter, a food bank, a scholarship fund, I’m not sure.

But her mantle must not fall to the ground and her voice can still be heard in the earth!

I hope you will post this tribute on her behalf!

I don’t have permission from the family to post this, so please do not include their names. I believe the most important thing, is that this be a work of the Spirit. Amen.

The cover photograph that he sent me was the first time I had ever seen his mom. This was the message that I sent to him in return.

💜”I first met your Mother in this photograph.

When I saw it,
I thought to myself, “How Lovely… How Beautiful”

I could see every bit of the life you described.
I saw the Woman of GOD, you described.

I had to risk asking you about her life…because I saw so much life in the photo. So much kindness and compassion. Continue reading A CHANGE OF ADDRESS…