Dr. Madison,

I would like for you to post my tribute to my friends Mother, who just passed recently.

Unexpectedly, I ran into a friend at an Academy Event. Someone I had not seen in a lifetime. While we were catching up with the years, he shared that his mother had a Change of Address… She had moved into the House of The LORD.

Something just stayed with me during our conversation. It was that numbing compassion that you feel, when the presence of another human being has left this earth.

A Woman of GOD and Her Son

In my opinion, the loss of a parent is one of the greatest gaping holes, that we will ever feel in life. Despite this, I took a risk, because I couldn’t get it off my mind, so I asked him to send me a picture of her. I wanted to pray for him and the family.

Everytime I pray for them, I know I have to do something to inspire them to set in motion the foundation of her legacy. I know her children, will know what that looks like. Whether it is a foundation, a shelter, a food bank, a scholarship fund, I’m not sure.

But her mantle must not fall to the ground and her voice can still be heard in the earth!

I hope you will post this tribute on her behalf!

I don’t have permission from the family to post this, so please do not include their names. I believe the most important thing, is that this be a work of the Spirit. Amen.

The cover photograph that he sent me was the first time I had ever seen his mom. This was the message that I sent to him in return.

💜”I first met your Mother in this photograph.

When I saw it,
I thought to myself, “How Lovely… How Beautiful”

I could see every bit of the life you described.
I saw the Woman of GOD, you described.

I had to risk asking you about her life…because I saw so much life in the photo. So much kindness and compassion.

I will only get to know her now through you.
But that’s a blessing really, right?

You and your family will carry her legacy.
You will do things in her remembrance, you would not even do for yourself! Amen.

Because she left behind her Gifts and Her Finest Treasures to the World.
She left her children and everyone she ever Blessed in Jesus’ Name.

Her Words and Teachings & Prayers will never leave the Earth Realm, they shall remain.
Because she spoke them for God.
She Radiated, The Presence of GOD.

Thank You For Sharing Your Heart with Me!💙💚💛💜

🙏I will be praying for your family throughout the year. To help guard and protect the Anointing she bequeathed to you. Amen

My Fathers Mansion, Suite 204