a.k.a., From Ramses (BONDAGE) to Sukkot (DWELLING IN GOD’s PRESENCE)

In the Exodus, Ramses was the border. It was the stronghold. Ramses represented the blockade opposing the children of Israel from leaving. Remember that Mitzraim, commonly translated as Egypt, represents the spiritual condition of being stuck in limitations, constraint. Ramses is the force behind those limitations.

The Title and The Name

The name of the Pharaoh is Ramses. Taken from the Egyptian Word for god.

A stronghold, a wicked power, an evil power that thinks he’s like God. A force that wants to be a substitute for the Authority of GOD in our lives.

This is a stronghold that is holding God’s people in bondage for so many years. The pain of Ramses is an unbelievable pain. With it’s so many soul ties, so many heartaches, so, so many abuses and injustices and struggles.

That no one knows about but the Most High God…

… and mostly related to the generations. Ramses was the house of bondage, affiliated with the pain of all the past.

But the LORD is saying something…

Your Prophetic Word is found in the Book of Exodus in the 12th Chapter and in the 37th verse.

Because Moses summarizes for us the journeys in the wilderness, instead of telling us like he does in the Book of Numbers, all the places they passed through.

He just says… They left Ramses and came to a place called Succoth, a.k.a. Sukkot.

Hear the Word of the Living God.

Because the LORD is saying to us all, “I am taking you from Ramses to Succoth; and the LORD is saying Ramses is the place of the Past and even starting today, the past is going to be a memory. Because the Egyptians you have seen in the past you are going to see them no more and even forever.”


Ramses is the place of great toil, limitations, restrictions…

Ramses is the place of tears.

And often times you have wondered would that pain ever profit anything.

Ramses is the place of cruel bondage.

It was directed at your soul.


Sukkoth is your destination.

Now hear the Word of the LORD.

Because many don’t know what Succoth is.

Succoth is a place; it’s the place of prayer.

 It’s the Pavilion of God’s Presence.

But Succoth is more than just that.

Succoth is the place of His Provision.

Succoth is the place of His Protection. Succoth is the Place of All of His Blessing.

The LORD gave this Word to me to speak in 2015, and He is giving it to me again this year in 2021 because some have drifted back into bondage. “You do not belong with Ramses. You do not belong to Ramses. The Word I gave to Moses has not died. My Word lives and You do not get to go back into a state of limitations and lack. You do not get to go back into complacency. Arise, for I Am bringing you to Succoth, just as Moses wrote in Exodus 12:37.

The Children of Israel left Ramses to go toward their destination to Succoth.

It wasn’t a physical place, it was a spiritual place.

A place that was a destination that would lead them toward destiny.

 Succoth is Your RIGHTFUL Destination.

Succoth is the Dwelling Place of Rest of God, in this life.

So the LORD says…

Do not stray from the path of true rest.

Do not change the direction that you are led upon.

You have been comfortable for too long.

And God is saying I will supernaturally provide for you.

 And God Is saying I will rain down blessings upon you.

And destroy all the powers of the enemy when you are on the path of Succoth,

Seeking Me…

Seeking my Rest…

Seeking me in Prayer…

And seeking me with all your heart…

Seeking me in truth.

Only One Question Remains….

Who is Ready to Leave Ramses?