Have you ever heard of such a vital spiritual practice known as, “Cleaning out the Closet?” Rev. Yvette Malveaux has designed the perfect journaling tool for each of us to teach us what it means to go into those secret spaces we keep inside our hearts where we allow all those spiritual issues, buried thoughts, hidden emotions such as anger, resentment, secret pain, incomplete conversations that continue replaying in your mind, unresolved problems and situations, etc. Once you open the closet you may find other issues you have not addressed. Rev. Malveaux will guide you through the uncomfortable conversations that you are required to have with yourself so that you can recalibrate your spiritual compass.

Listen in on the recent Radio Broadcast Interviews on kcwgthetruthradio’s the WHY ME LORD Broadcast (Lindale, Texas) with Joann Gordon Culberson: You can tune in to her internet radio channel Thursdays 1130am PST or check her page to locate prerecorded broadcast!

Intro. includes 4 Minute Musical Interlude with Praise and Worship Songs.

March 25, 2021 Book Tour Interview

May 6, 2021 Book Tour Follow-Up Interview

May 19, 2021 The Process of Self Examination in Her Book, Know Yourself and Take Flight.

Know Yourself & Take Flight helps you pull the dead history and old baggage out of your closet. Investing the time, putting in the work to get the baggage out the way to make room for your plans and visions for the future! Click Here to Order your book today from


In addition please take a listen to a miraculous testimony presented by WHY ME LORD at kcwgthetruthradio. Her March 18th guest was Angela Alexander, Author, and Speaker gives her personal testimony regarding her family tragedy and victory, where she “turned pain into power and grief into peace.” Click this link and it will take your directly to the broadcast.

If you are interested in visiting Angela Alexander’s website for information about her autobiography, her children’s book and documentary film, Miracles in Action, the website address is

For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent. Zephaniah 3:9

Access to Your Next Level Will Require You to Take Steps You Have Not Taken Before: What Are You Prepared to do? Are You Willing to Come Out of Your Comfort Zones? What if the “meat of the word” you always hear about, is as close as the Hebrew Bible? What if access to the full council of GOD was written in the Hebrew Language? Are you ready and willing to go into the secret places in the scriptures?


We are using The Biblical Hebrew Studies Textbook: Spring – Summer 2021

My Absolute Favorite Bible!

Some have asked me what Bible I use the most. It was a good question, being that I have quite a few. But my absolute favorite for torah study is:

The Hebrew-Greek Study Bible, Editor Spiros Zodhiates. It is a must own when learning the torah. I purchased mine, over 20 years ago and have bought many other copies since. I love the leather binding, but the hardcover is great for home/desk copies.

You can purchase a copy on,, and many others. Enjoy!

Study the Scriptures with a Strategy to Reach the Sod Level of Revelation

What steps could be taken in order to give a higher level of service to GOD? Introduce yourself to an understanding of torah lishma… start here

Our Next Book Club Read…

JEWS, GOD and HISTORY by Max I. Dimont

The Book Club began reading this book on May 17, 2021. Our first stop as we trace the path of the History of the Jews and the historians who wrote about them. Dimont’s book was published in 1962 by Penquin Publishing Ltd. This Classic Work presents over 4K years of Jewish history in a very understandable and relatable way.

Goodreads writes, “Dimont’s book shows how the saga of the Jews is interwoven with the story of virtually every nation on earth. This is a tale of a people escaping annihilation, fighting, falling back, advancing – a lively and fascinating look at how the Jews have contributed to humankind’s spiritual and intellectual heritage in remarkable ways, and across a remarkable span of history. For those who are not quite fond of history, I’m sure that you will find this book to be a great way to break the cycle of avoiding historical books, while building your knowledge of the historical, cultural, and social understanding of scripture that will serve to enhance your understanding of scripture.

Chapter 1 and 2 set the stage with historical information that quickly overturns the erroneous assumptions that have found their way into biblical thought over time. Although the book is 60 years old, Dimont’s scholarly achievement as a layman , skilled in the art of historical research, demonstrates that the church knowledge about the history of the Jews is much more outdated than the book! That alone may be it’s greatest value. This read is a great 1st step toward a new level for 2022! I hope you join us.

You can purchase a copy of the book from numerous retailers. Ebooks are also available on many platforms. i.e.,,, and many others.

eBook ISBN 978-1-101-14225-7


The following series of books I passionately recommend for your heart and soul. I have separated them out by reason of the anointing. They do not belong on the Torah Library Shelf because they have a completely different assignment.

Dr. Michelle Corral’s teachings always direct you to the heart of the message with pinpoint accuracy. All of her teachings are rooted and grounded in the love of the torah, saturated in a lifestyle of personal prophetic prayer for GOD’s people and anointed with the precious oils of consecration and dedication to servanthood.

The nah’vi never takes their time in study with the anointing lightly…

Anyone could easily pick up one of her books and wonder to themselves… How could all of these things possibly be true and authentic? It’s a fair question. I have a very good friend who always says, “What can’t be explained, must be experienced.” This is the heart of the nah’vi level.

Just one thing more… Be careful to approach all areas of your torah studies with reverence and heartfelt devotion, just as you would by entering His Gates with praise and thanksgiving. Find your secret place, or create one. Separate and consecrate your study time to GOD. Adorn the space with reverence and holiness. Restrain the world from interference. The rewards are far more precious than priceless.

Every individual selected and elected in scripture for greatness had one special character trait that they developed and brought to it’s highest pinnacle of perfection. For Abraham, it was chewed, or God’s love in action. For David, it was Tamil, or purity of heart. For Esther, it was humility. For Ruth, it was selfless chested. For you, there is one special character trait (“midday” in Hebrew) that, if you find it and develop it, shall lead you into the path of promise, destiny and breakthrough.” Excerpt from Coming into Alignment Through Character Refinement by Dr. Michelle Corral+
“Is it possible to really possible to miss the miraculous call of destiny all based on refusal to recognize the need for a character adjustment?” The answers have always been on the pages of scripture!

Your only 100 pages away from the message that will usher you into mastering this area of understanding.

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