The 611 of torah

14 But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;

15 And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. 2Timothy 3:14-15

Why does this matter and how can this help our spiritual condition?

If we are going to learn anything from the Book of Genesis at all, one of the first things we want to understand is that:

  • The Spiritual Realm is always created 1st, even in our actions, and especially in our words. Our strategy / tactics must be patterned after the strategy / tactics of GOD.

Reasons for Why We Study From the Hebrew Perspective

  • What we miss in our English translations, we recover in our reading of the Scriptures from the Hebrew language.
  • Acquire the tools we need to pull down the man made barriers erected between us, GOD and His WORD.
  • Dismantle Falsehoods.
  • Fall in Love with the Language of GOD, the native language of mankind.
  • Insert GOD back into our understanding of HIS Language.
  • Make God’s language our 1stlanguage.
  • Identify Key Words that are common to Christian thought and relearn them from their Hebraic Roots.   
  • Look at word origins further back than our customary Christian thinking.
  • Train our minds to understand a detailed and mathematically perfect language – that exist in no other language or form.
  • Torah Teaches us the secrets of how to separate Good from evil, and the sacred from the secular.  
  • There is man’s technology (the secular), and God’s technology (the sacred). Our assignment is to separate the sacred (Holy, clean) from the secular (profane, unclean).

Ezekiel 22:26
Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them.

Ezekiel 44:23
And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.

Starting from Part 5 of the Message in the Letters of torah, you were provided with an example of the application of gematria in scripture. The 611 of torah, will extend this example by providing insight into three words that connect numerically to torah; daw’ber’rath, daw’ber and dah’ber’rah.

We have leanred that, the letters of torah; tav – vav – reish – hei, equals 611. What other words equal 611 in torah, that you would have not been able to see, without looking at gematria?

For now, let’s see what information we can unlock in the scriptures by connecting the dots in the word for torah itself.

What does torah teach us about the connective fabric that exist between GOD’s Words torah; daw’ber’rath, daw’ber and dah’ber’rah, that shed more light on His Teachings?

Remember: Hebrew Letters are read from Right to Left.

The first word we will look at is ‘daw’bear’rath

dalet (4) beit (2) reish (200) tav (400) =606

dalet – beit – reish – tav; spells daw’bear’rath

daw’bear’rath (Strong’s #1705) appears in the scripture ONLY 3 times. Joshua 19:12, 21:28, and 1 chronicles 6:72.

Jos 19:12 = The demarcation points of the Territory of Zebulun are being outlined in detail.

D’bear’rath, a Levitical City

Jos 21:28, 1 Chron. 6:72, daberath, a Levitical City that bordered the City of Refuge at Kedesh, out of the Tribe of Issachar. The City of Refuge was a place the children of Israel, or the stranger that dwelt among them, could go for safe haven, in the event of causing the accidental death of another person.

In the event of causing the accidental death of someone, you would dwell in the City of Refuge until the death of the High Priest, which made atonement for your sin. This is a prefiguring of the atonement our High Priest, Yeshua has made for us.

A BRIEF INSIGHT: Kedesh means to sanctify, set apart, or to consecrate, which makes someone or something holy. kuf – dalet – shin;

kuf bears a strong resemblance to the English letter, P. Kuf is the Hebrew letter that represents Holiness of GOD and man. kuf is formed by combining 2 other Hebrew letters, the vav and the kaf; which also equate to 26, the same as the 4 letter name of GOD, YHVH [yud (10) -hei (5) -vav (6)-hei(5)].

There were a total of 6 Cities of Refuge, 3 on each side of the Jordan, 3 East and 3 West, surrounded by 42 Levitical Cities. Each City of Refuge bears a Characteristic of Christ, the Messiach. Kedesh, (holiness), Shechem (burden bearer), Hebron (to Join/Fellowship), Ramoth (to be High/Exalted, Golan (Remove, Deliver).

History tells us that the surrounding Levitical cities became cities of refuge in their own right, more so, in a supporting role.

Daberath was one of those Levitical cities.

Today, we will focus on it’s name and discover another layer of truth and purpose symbolized by the torah.

dalet (4)

dah-let = Door, path, pathway, access, The WORD,

dat (dalet/tav) in Hebrew means religion/decree. Read in it’s Hebrew Pictograph form, it reads, “door to the cross”. The Levitical city of d’ber’rath, begins with the dalet and ends with the tav, which shows us a path from, “the door to the cross”.

However, before you can arrive at the door of the cross, you have to pass through the tabernacle, (the beit) to become a Leader (the reish), only then can you access the cross/covenant.

beit (2)

Tent, Tabernacle, House, Sanctuary. The tabernacle is the dwelling place of GOD requested, the meeting place between GOD and man.

reish (200)

Headship, First, Head, Leader. The reish conquers their passions. Should reish reject their birthright, they become like the wicked who turns away from GOD and abandons the torah, an intentional non-believer. It is our faithful devotion to GOD, that makes You the rosh, i.e. the Head (Deut 28:13). However, Our disobedience to GOD’s Word, will have the devastating effect of making our enemies the rosh, instead (Deut. 28:44).

REPEAT: Our disobedience to GOD, will elevate our enemies above us. Our behavior elevates the enemy. Obedience is our most powerful weapon of choice.

tav (400)

Covenant, Cross, Truth (emet, as in Truth stands firm and prevails), Mark, Sign, Seal of GOD, is a guarantee that can never be nullified. Malachi 2:6, Torah is Truth. tav is the symbol of repentance and perfection.

Let’s put all the letters together again…

Remember: Hebrew Letters are read from Right to Left.

dalet, beit, reish, tav = d’ber’rath = 606

d’ber’rath is a Levitical City, bordering a city of Refuge, whose name is equivalent to ….torah

Let’s read Joshua 19:12 while inserting the meaning of each cities name…

12  And turned from Sarid (survivor), eastward toward the sun rise unto the border of Chislothtabor (foolishness), and then goeth out to Daberath (Word of torah), and goeth up to Japhia (to shine forth, or cause to shine).

12  And turned from being a survivor, eastward toward the sun rise unto the border of mountains of foolishness, and then goeth out to receive the Word of torah (ha d’bear’rath), and goeth up to shine forth, or to cause someone else to shine.

POINT BEING: The Names of these cities and places have meaning…

hei (5) dalet (4) beit (2) reish (200) tav (400) = 611

Remember: Hebrew Letters are read from Right to Left.

With hei, added before the word daber, you have…

The letter hei, when prefixed to a Hebrew word, means “the’. When the letter hei, “the” is added before the word, ‘d-bear-reth’ we have “The d-bear-rath” meaning, The WORD of the Covenant.

hei (5) dalet (4) beit (2) reish (200) tav (400) = 611 / torah

Read this again…

Jos 19:12  And turned from being a survivor, eastward toward the sun rise unto the border of mountains of foolishness, and then goeth out to receive the Word of torah or the WORD of the Covenant (ha d’bear’rath), and goeth up to shine forth, or to cause someone else to shine.

What message are you seeing between the lines?

There’s More…

the ROOT word in daberath, is d-b-r, daw-ber.

Remember: Hebrew Letters are read from Right to Left.

dalet (4) beit (2) reish (200)

Every word in Hebrew is formed from a 3 or 4 letter root word. The root word in d’ber’rath is d’ber; and dalet – beit – reish, which means, ‘WORD’ in Hebrew.

In order to say, ‘WORD’ in Hebrew, (d-b-r, da’ber [1696]) – it must be formed with, and begin at, the Door (Messiach), lead to – the tabernacle (the Sanctuary, Dwelling Place of GOD & His People) and produce/develop the reish (Christ our High Priest and You).

ha daw’bear or ha daw’bar means, ‘The WORD’

Remember: Hebrew Letters are read from Right to Left.

The Word

hei (5) –dalet (4) beit (2) reish (200)

ha daw’bear’rath means, ‘The WORD of The Covenant’

hei (The) dalet-beit-reish (WORD) tav (Covenant)

Remember: Hebrew Letters are read from Right to Left.

When hei, added to and precedes, d’ber’rath, it’s numerical equivalency shifts/moves from 606 to 611, torah.

ha daw’bear’rath reads, The WORD of the Covenant. It’s not just an innocuous name of a city. In Hebrew, names convey messages about the character and nature of a place, person, or a thing. Names reveal a great deal of information about the spiritual condition of the people and places identified in scripture. We have been reading over this type of information forever, almost as if we didn’t need any further revelation or information.

(The) ha

(WORD) dalet, beit, reish


ha d’ber’rath, is a place where the WORD of GOD Dwells.

The WORD, begins with recognition of Messiach, who stands at the Door. Anything that we say, repeat or honor in the WORD of GOD, begins with Messiach.

Look at the scripture again…

Plot out the boundaries / borders of the territory of Zebulun…

Jos 19:12  And turned from being a survivor, eastward toward the sun rise unto the border of mountains of foolishness, and then goeth out to receive the Word of torah or the WORD of the Covenant (ha d’bear’rath), and goeth up to shine forth, or to cause someone else to shine.

Between Survival and Foolishness and the Covenant and the Light.


Every letter in torah has a corresponding numerical value. You have seen that torah is equivalent to 611.

611 is also the numerical value of ha d’ber’rath, one of the Levitical cities that lies between the borders of Zebulun and Issachar.

ha d’ber’rath is not just a physical place, it is a spiritual place. A place of torah, a place where the WORD of the Covenant resides. ha d’ber’rath is the alternative, between two destinations; survival and foolishness, a place that allows you to shine or to cause someone else to shine.

The root of d’ber’rath is da’ber, meaning WORD. ha d’ber’rath is founded upon the WORD. ha ‘ber’rath is a place where the WORD of GOD can be found. A place of Covenantal relationship.

There are no superfluous words in scripture. Every word, letter, jot, title, oilve, fish, tent, jar of wine, and piece of bread, is divinely placed into the torah. GOD was not writing a fairy tale, bedtime story, nor sprinkling words around like abstract decoupage. Every word has purpose and intention and deserves more than anyone’s literal and superficial focus and attention.

Torah teachings are not about learning a bible story. torah contains the meat of the Word of GOD.

“And the WORD was made flesh, and dwelt among us…full of Grace and Truth.” John 1:14

“In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD was GOD.” John 1:1

(Word in Greek is Logos. Word in Hebrew is da’ber).


Deborah, is spelled dalet-beit-reish-hei

Deborah, a Prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth (Judges 4-5), is one way to read the preface to this teaching. There is another translation from the Hebrew.

Judges 4:4 Deborah, a woman, a seer (a prophetess), a woman of fire!

ish’shah appears twice in this verse; once as woman and the second time as wife.

For consistency sake, let’s translate it with the same each time; We could read this as, Deborah was a woman, a seer, a woman of lappidoth or, Deborah was a wife, a seer, a wife of Lappidoth.

Which sounds more reasonable?

Lapidoth is from the root word, lappid meaning torches. Some versions report that Deborah was married to a man that provided torches/candles for the sanctuary and was called by the name of her husbands trade.

Alternatively, we have the option of reading the text to understand that Deborah was a woman on fire for GOD. The actual letters of her name read, ‘what comes out of the Word”, ‘What comes out of torah!’, [hei = ‘what comes out of’]. Ref: The Message In The Letters of Torah, Part 4 for information on the letter hei.

Deborah has become a common name in the English language. So when we hear, Deborah, we think of a woman. However, being that deber means WORD, and deberah means, ‘What comes out of the WORD’, the scripture might be placing greater emphasis on the fact that Deborah is a woman, more so, than her marital status.

It is my personal belief, that what comes out of torah, is Fire for the WORD of GOD!

What came out of a life spent in the WORD, was a woman, a seer, a prophetess, a woman of fire.

Deborah’s name means WORD, which she taught and judged the land and people of Israel with. She is the living embodiment of what comes out of a life of torah… Deborah is a Judge of Israel, a teacher, leader, the spiritual guide to the Children of Israel. She is what comes out of the WORD, she is a product of the WORD.

Deborah’s name is prophetically and intentionally given. On the pages of scripture, GOD is doing more than just calling her Deborah (d-b-r-h). He could have called her by any other name. Even with GOD providing such a huge distinction, to provide us with clear evidence of her importance in scripture, we still miss this crucial piece of information, because we do not know that GOD is even calling her the WORD.

In addition, notice that Barak refused to go to battle unless Deborah went with him/them. Barak, God’s General, was not like-minded with the world, i.e., as the world is about women standing in the place of authority/leadership in the Church. Barak understood the dangers inherent of going into battle without a WORD (Deborah). He took his Word with him… Barak took da’ber, and da’ber was a woman.

GOD calls her Deborah, intentionally. But, without the benefit of any knowledge of Hebrew, we will miss the message, completely and be unable to connects the dots as we should.

Deborah is one of those rare individuals on the pages of scripture, whose name prefigures Christ. The character and nature of Deborah bears a clear connection to the Messiach, by virtue of her name.

Who has ever pointed out the women in scripture who were a prefiguring of Christ? To date, ONLY GOD.

Her name clearly identifies her as personification of the WORD. (As mankind should exemplify themselves to strive to become, to this very day). She is called the WORD. More specifically, she is what comes out of a life in the WORD. Deborah is a product of the WORD of GOD.

By any other name, her role would be and has been questionable. As a spiritual leader of Israel, as a Judge, Counselor or Teacher, even warrior of GOD, her role bearing the headship and leadership of the House of GOD has been diminished.

For generations, we have taught that Deborah was just a small once in a lifetime, exception to the role of women in the Church. The entire time, being oblivious to the force, effect and import of her name, Deborah, which places her at the forefront of the list of all those whose ministry and service to GOD was a prefiguring of Christ, the Messiach.

In no uncertain terms, GOD calls her the WORD. A foreshadowing that GOD knew of the entire time, but man has yet to perceive, acknowledge, address, respond, and per his usual customs and traditions, attempt to refute.

In Hebrew, the meaning is obvious. In English, we can’t even see it.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness –2 Tim 3:16

All scripture, down to the shapes and forms of the letters, to the letters used to form words, phrases, including the very words and names themselves, are designed to tell us something.

If all scripture is given by inspiration of GOD, then ALL scripture is profitable… end of story. Everything in the scripture is relevant and pertinent for our teaching and instruction, reproof and correction.

“I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now” John 16:12

So my original question stands…When will we be able to bear the meat of the Word?

It’s very true that the women of GOD do not dominate the pages of scripture. GOD lifts up the names of the women sparingly. This has caused people for centuries to teach, preach or even feel, that women are insignificant or ignored in the totality of scripture.

But that is not the case. I hope to demonstrate this to my readers numerous times through our studies together, that Women are like a secret weapon of Heaven. Arguably, women appear to be kept on the backside of the mountain, but their entrance is decisively powerful whenever GOD calls them forth to intervene on the stage of human destiny.

GOD has never watered down the role of women in scripture. The role of women has been critical to divine history, legacy and prophecy.

The information we are accustomed to reading right past, contains manna we need. But even if we aren’t there yet, and can’t see Deborah as a WORD carrying Prophetess who judged the people of Israel, and who was a spiritual and military leader, just remember this… Understanding will come. In the meantime…

Never go to battle, without the WORD.


Spiritual Notation: tav is the 22nd Letter in the Hebrew Alephbet, The Last and Final Letter of the Hebrew Alephbet. “Esther is the last of 22 GODLY Women in Scripture who took decisive steps to heighten the spiritual level of the Jewish People”. Talmud, Yoma 29a. The WORD of GOD is connecting One Woman, One Matriarch for every letter in the aleph-bet.

God Bless You,

This teaching is dedicated to Adrian “The Tzaddik”… who knows that GOD’s plans for us are revealed to us by the spirit…and covets earnestly the best gifts… 1 Cor 12:10, 14).

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NOTE: There is NO WRONG WAY TO SPELL A HEBREW WORD IN ENGLISH. By that I mean, the process of transliteration requires that we use one of our English letters to represent the sound that a letter/word makes in Hebrew. Example: The Hebrew letter tav for instance, is equivalent to the sound that the letter ‘T’ makes in English.

Because we are using the English letters to substitute for the Hebrew letters as we transition from Hebrew to English, the goal is to convey the sound that the letters make. The primary goal is to reproduce the sound corectly.

For instance, stated another way, let’s say the word pony was a Hebrew word. If I wanted the English speaking world to say, ‘pony’ properly in Hebrew, I would attempt to reproduce the sound using English letters by spelling it out, ‘poe – knee’. In this way, the English speaking community would know how to best replicate the sound of the word ‘pony’ in Hebrew.

It is understood, that ‘poe-knee’ is not an English word, so it is not possible to spell it wrong in English. The object is to convey the proper pronunication.

As you continue learning a little Hebrew, remember this important point. You will see slightly differing spellings/transliterations of the words as you read and research further in your studies.

It is OK to Spell the Hebrew word using English letters, how ever you want to, as long as your goal is to duplicate the sound, it is fine. There are nuances in how we each will transmit the spelling, and that is alright. Our primary goal, is to ensure that you can say the word properly when speaking out loud!

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