A Year of Producing the Best Fruit!

This New Year is quite unlike the others. It’s quiet, a little subdued and socially distant than ever before. I hope we have arrived in 2021 wiser, with greater understanding and knowledge. I trust we will apply them well, with empathy, love and compassion.

We enter this year with constraints and boundaries. However, we shall always pursue our first estate.. to bless and to be a blessing to others. When it’s in our power to do good, we shall do it! In this realm, we have no constraints, no restrictions, no boundaries.. We shall be in a state of 365 days of spiritual growth and improvement.

May we pick up the mantles that have fallen to the ground. Some we may have abandoned, some we missed and let fall, and others we dropped along the way.

I pray we stay focused on being and bringing answers into the world. We need them. We are so much stronger and creative when we put our minds together.

I pray for our vision this year to become sharper than ever before.

This year shall be kind to us. We shall prosper and grow inspite of, and because of the difficulties we face. We shall recover all and take new territory as we go!

After all, Overcoming is What We Do!


Note: Although our worldly sense of time puts us in 2021 in January… The Biblical Calendar advances us into GOD’s New Year effective today, the first day of 5781. I consider that 3-4 months advance notice ahead of the world!

Plant the seeds of prosperity early.

Always move forward knowing that the people of GOD, prosper first in the spiritual, then in the natural.

May You Each Reap a Bountiful Harvest in 5781.