It’s Time to Get Strategic…

For the next month (a.k.a 33 days) you are going to log each prayer request you receive…

You will set your prayer(s) in a watch of the day or night. (See handouts) We will each be making a consecration to stand that specific watch in prayer. In the beginning… you might not stand the entire 3 hour watch, or you might. You choose.

Praying the Psalms will cause your Watch to pass quickly!

All teachings on this page have their roots in The Language of Prayer

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Read the Psalm… Pray the Psalm

Decree and Declare the Psalm out loud.

The enclosed handout contains a breakdown of the Prayer Watches. I believe you will gain more out of this exercise if you don’t focus on all the details of the prayer watch right now. We can fill in that information for you later.

For those of you who have taken this class with me before, you have a head start! For those of you who have not, just pick a watch… that you can honor and maintain through the next 33 days. Your prayer times can certainly shift based on the day of the week, that’s OK.

The important thing is to keep the commitment for prayer that you make…this is your consecration to Heaven. The flexibility is all in your hands and your words.

Write down your commitment in time to whichever prayer watch or watches you will keep. As your prayer request come in, set them / log them for the watch you have set. Jot down the key details so that you remember what you are carrying to prayer.

Can You Keep the Secrets of GOD?

When someone ask you to pray for them, you do not need to tell 10 people. Keep the confidence of the LORD. When GOD sends us someone to pray for, we want to keep their info private and hold on to them as if they are the treasures of GOD Himself. Prayer is a sacred trust and we want to handle them all in a very careful way.

Be as cryptic as you like. Only you need to know what the request is! Keep the request in a safe place (in your bible if you like) just keep them in a place of honor, respect and a secure place where you can reach them.

Prayer takes time. The objective is to watch over your prayers…not to forget the commitments we make in prayer…and hold on till the breakthrough (which could be longer than 33 days).

Because we each will be in agreement over the next 33 days, praying the psalms and the Lord’s Prayer together (in Hebrew), we are believing in the unity of the faith to carry us into this next level.

Get Ready… The power of agreement is incredible…and we shall see the manifestation of our prayers!

Enjoy! Amen.


All teachings on this page are rooted in The Language of Prayer

NOW MORE THAN EVER… Don’t let the giants into your land. Repent from all unforgiveness. Keep working on it, even it it’s a hard thing to do. No gossip, no lying, no strife to name a few! No banned battles… no battles. Let the captives go free!



Review the messages contained in the Elul series and refuse to pull your self down to a lower spiritual level. I have provided plenty of scriptural evidence to support you during this month of Elul.

Read them, meditate on them, listen to the wisdom of GOD. Obey them, especially those you find particularly difficult. Your breakthrough or the breakthrough you are seeking for others could very well be locked inside.

You will experience spiritual attack during this time, especially if you are endeavoring to cast out some giants in your land. Attacks are just a message that you are on the right track!

Press In!

There’s enough Giants in the Land Already!!! Don’t Create Your Own Giants to Fight. Be Mindful of the Words You Are Speaking.

Prayer Journal Pages are Available Here


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