Judging oneself is an inescapable process of prayer.

Are You Praying Out of the Right Spirit?

The reason this is so very important, is that ‘being in the presence of GOD’, heals our own spirit, refines our character, delivers us, ministers to us, gives us insight into our own spirit, our own souls, our own thoughts, sanctifies us for His work.

More importantly, you need to understand this to your very core, because people have need of your prayers.

Praying over, or for another person, without being in prayer before the presence of GOD yourself, is tantamount to praying our of your own spirit, praying your own thoughts, your own will, your own ideas… and not His.

We don’t lay hands on another person to pray for them, without having first been in prayer before GOD ourselves. We don’t just walk into the sanctuary to attend a service, without first having spent time in prayer ourselves.

Prayer is our greatest responsibility as an intercessor, armour-bearer, disciple, teacher, apostle, evangelist, minister, pastor, prophet, believer.

Let the babes, (who deserve all the rights and privileges as a babe), be the bases while they can. It is time for us to cover them, the pastor, the leadership and the ministry so that their healing, revelation, breakthroughs, etc. can manifest speedily.

GOD Inhabits Our Praises… Psalm 22:3

There are enough of us to saturate the atmosphere so completely and thoroughly, that everyone present can get what they need from the anointing we draw down from Heaven by our worship alone!

It is time to get to work! No more sitting on the pew, waiting for OUR Word. We have had enough words. Let he babes get a Word!

Issue strength to our Pastors and leadership that helps them to stand in their place and position. Gird them up, so that they can flow in the anointing.

Fill the sanctuary up with praise and worship before we ever arrive on site.

I encourage you to issue strength to every area of our Church Leadership

so that they can set aside all banned battles, all negativity, all strife, all envy, bitterness, all word curses, every vain imagination, all disunity, all evil speaking…

We are addicted to competition with each other. Secretly, (we deceive ourselves into thinking no one notices) we dislike and disrespect each other. Our mouths are forever busy, biting each other.

Have you seen this happen? We come in the church hateful and we hear a powerful message, and we leave the message as hateful as we came in. Never delivered, never healed, never set free…

Because we won’t let anything go. Long suffering is not understood in our bones.

Constantly complaining, constantly whining, constantly striving:

Exodus 17 all over again. We are still quite the handful.

We refuse to labor in prayer. We won’t wait for GOD to provide strategies, for fear He will take too long.

We are fighting banned battles on social media. We need to be right, more than we need to fall on the mercy of GOD.

We want to be justified in the sight of man, more than we need justification before GOD.

We want to explain and defend ourselves, and our reputations, not make ourselves of no reputation.

This leads to dishonoring ourselves and GOD’s Word.

This has to stop. Some of us are as evil as the day is long, and we are running to service to service, with smiling faces, pretending to be whole.

Despite our current spiritual condition, with all of the above, all is not lost.

As Leadership…We have too much knowledge about this WORD, not to come up and out of this situation.

We know how to do it!

ELUL, is our time to stop all that.

ELUL is our time to repent.

ELUL is time for us to get better, and do better.

KEY: In Hebrew, the Emphasis is on the Verb.

Watch the verb in the Biblical Hebrew language, (in which the Bible was written), the emphasis is on the action.

So the question remains, “What are we prepared to do as leadership in the church?”

We are the closest to the Pastor. We are standing next to the pastor. People connect our behavior to our Pastors mantle. How do you make your Pastor look?

Are people connecting your behavior to their reputation?

Do we delude ourselves in thinking NO ONE EVER has seen our nature or character? our flaws or faults?

Have we been perfect in all our goings and comings? All of our doings?

When we stand accused, can we make ourselves of no reputation? Can we take the hit? It does not look like it.

Even those who do at times take the hit, have to announce to someone that they took the hit. It only counts as done unto GOD, if you don’t have to clang the symbol when you do it.


How many people have we hurt? Chased out of the Church? As soon as they come in the front door, we chase them out of the back door!

How many Pastors have we ruined with our spiritual immaturity?

How many have we run from the pulpit? How many have struck the rock?

How much blood is on our hands? How many saints have you slain? None? One, Two?, Three? Fifty? Hundreds? Thousands?

Perhaps we should repent for not even knowing how many we have slain?

So afraid somebody is going to take your position next to the Pastor. Why are we so territorial? Why are we so insecure?

This is not the behavior of those that are walking in the anointing, and we misrepresent GOD, the Pastor, The Church as a Community, and every innocent bystander around.

No One In The Church Should Be Slaying The Saints of GOD.

That’s the enemy’s job.

Unless we are on a counter-intelligence mission for the enemy, this is not our job.

This ELUL, I’m praying for us as leadership.

We have to get our literal and spiritual minds back!

This behavior can cause so much confusion that the body cannot pray. We completely lose our voice and our position in prayer.

GOD does not want us to descend into the pit of the world’s behavior.

Who has the courage to sit themselves down? Who has the courage to say, I’m guilty of all of the above and I will sit myself down, until I am satisfied of my own repentance and my ability to serve.

People are depending upon our prayers. We need clean hands and a pure heart to flow in effectual prayer.

What are we prepared to do for our own soul, this ELUL?

What are we prepared to do for the souls of our leadership?

How are we prepared to edify, encourage, and support the souls of GOD’s People?

That the King May Suffer No Damage

I care about our leadership. I care about how our lack of leadership and lack of self control affects the people. I care about how we impact the people of GOD. I care about the damage that we cause the Kingdom.

This WORD has the power to edify, build up and encourage. This WORD can restore, rectify, recover, resurrect, if we handle it properly.

We have the ability, the power to flow with GOD. We have the power through prayer, repentance, and love to do great things for GOD.

Pray, Because of Us…

I am praying for myself, for you, for everyone who has been hurt by our behavior, for everyone who las left the church, for everyone clinging to their church hurts, for everyone who loved the pastor but hated us, for everyone we offended, everyone we inadvertently offended, everyone we disregarded, for everyone we failed to acknowledge, for everyone who intentionally offended us, for everyone who unintentionally offended us, for everyone that disprespected us, for everyone who made us shed tears, for everyone that has shed tears because of us, for everyone that lied for us, for everyone that lied because of us, for every leader who has abandoned their post because of us, for every child who said they did not want to be like us, for everyone who abandoned GOD because of us, for everyone who missed their destiny because of us, for every one who grew weak and weary because of us, for everyone who would not defend the helpless because of us,

To all those who left the Church because of us… I want to share something with you that the Spirit of GOD shared with me, when I wanted to walk away….NO…RUN AWAY!

I am also guilty of thinking to give up, turn my back on GOD and His People, completely and thoroughly discouraged, watching people do the same things over and over again with not even the slightest remorse or awareness of their own behavior…frustrating others, draining the pastor, pulling everyone but GOD, out of the anointing…..

YES. I have been there and back. Wishing I was more righteous, (knowing I wasn’t), wondering why GOD even puts up with it all, wanting it all to just stop.

GOD must have been sick of me…

Actually, I know He was… because that’s the only time I get full scripture verses sounding in my head.

My mind shifted to 3 verses of scripture, as if they were part of the same conversation. The WORD of GOD in me, was giving me the resolution I needed to hear. (Which is why we need to be filled with the WORD).

“But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

and when thou art converted,

strengthen thy brethren.

Let nothing or no one take your crown.

Those are my instructions,

All I can say is AMEN.

4 thoughts on “ELUL, BECAUSE OF YOU…”


    Pray SAINTS!!! Be Kingdom Ambassadors Not Assassinators.

    Thank you, Rev. Madison, for writing and teaching the whole counsel of The Almighty with your exemplary torah knowledge and wisdom. May Yeshua continue to breathe life in you with His letters of fire, as they reach the Nations with power.

    + I pray not another soul will die (folks dying because gifts are not in operation) or miss the opportunity to freely coming into the Kingdom. All this because of destiny stealers, acting as gatekeepers, that violate heavenly protocol, offering gossipy prayer as a pretense for holiness and disrespecting the privacy of the people. “Take the log out of your own eye.”

    +The Word says; “Know those you labor among, people do not be moved because of evildoers.” If you’re praying, trust that you hear the voice of the Good Shepherd. Obey.

    + Lord forgive the witchcraft in the pulpit that has been allowed to flourish, We shut the gates with the Blood of Jesus. Enough is Enough!

    + No more slum landlord God has given His children under heaven dominion over the earth, not each other (Genesis 1:28). May His people pray, take up their position, let’s heal the land.

    I Am Prayer!

    It’s time the body of Christ rises to their highest place in God. We need to truly be the living epistles of Christ, walking in LOVE and laying down our lives for one another. Especially covering our Pastor in the Anointing. Amen.
    Thank you Rev Madison ❤️🔥✨

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