Answer Us, LORD…

Aneinu, in Hebrew is an urgent plea for GOD to “Answer us.” It’s a beautiful prayer that gets to the heart of the matter, especially when you’re fasting for breakthroughs.

And especially when we are…

Praying for Your People LORD, and Believing that You Will Answer their every need… Set them in sure places on High, show them the little signs in all that they do that You will go before them in every situation and circumstance, daily they shall go from strength to strength, from courageous to unstoppable, give them that glimpse behind the veil that allows that moment to witness, to see and perceive that you will be a sanctuary for them in the places where they come to. Amen.

Ezekiel 11:16

And what shall we give GOD in return?

Give Him Words of Faith to work with… start today, even with a word as small as a grain of sand, until you build up your spiritual strength. Until you become a speaking spirit again. Until your flesh is no longer running things. Until your spirit is in full control of your flesh. Until your spirit is being led by the Spirit of GOD.

This Fast is for Divine Reversal, the day the spirit overcomes the flesh.