Praying the Psalms… OUTLOUD

Children’s names are dressed in Royal Apparel… The Purple Ink.

Come alongside us and pray for every name on this altar. Everything they need is just a prayer away! Ask The LORD to show you which people on this list you are assigned to pray for. I hope it’s every name, but if you are called to cover children…

My granddaughter asked about the people that you pass by, and you can look at them and see… knowing they need prayer, but you don’t know their names… how do we include them?

So, I made a reminder on the list for “The Unknown Name.” We are covering everybody, hidden in plain sight, everybody passing by anonymously, but we can see pain, hurt, devastation, secret pain… we’re binding every lying suicidal spirit, every spirit of sabotage, depression, we cast out vain imaginations… We are praying for you to have divine encounters, divine interventions, a Word from the LORD, that only you recognize must be coming from Him, because flesh and blood could not reveal it to you… Give your servants a Word for the lost, the broken, the lonely, the hurting… anoint my granddaughter to be one of your servants, to see behind the mask the people wear, to see the truth, to see beneath the surface, and be that servant, to give them a Word from the LORD, a Word that retrieves them from behind enemy lines. (Feb 5, 2023)