Praying from the Book of Isaiah, Ch 3

Chapter 3:

We pray Lord, that you take not your bread and your water from us.  Do not stay your staff in our hand.  Send us your Mighty Men and Your Men of War, Your Judge and Your Prophets, the Prudent and the Ancient.

Send us your Captains of 50 and the Honorable Man, our Counselors and
Cunning Artificers, Your Eloquent Orators–that Your House and our land lack no good thing! Replenish our land with your gifts to the fullest.
For we pray that our tongues and are doings are never against You, Our LORD, The Most High! 

Keep us Lord, that we would not provoke the Eyes of Your Glory!


September 18, 2007 – Prayers during Rosh Hashanah 2007