Praying from the Book of Isaiah, Ch 1

Chapter 1:

Preserve us O’LORD, when our head is sick and our hearts are faint.
Heal us O’LORD from the sole of our foot, even unto our head, when there is no soundness in it.  We Thank You Lord, that you bind up our wounds and bruises and putrefying sores (open wounds) and coat them with your Holy ointment.

We Thank You Lord that you deliver us, when our countries are desolate
and our cities are burned with fire, in our land, when strangers devour
our land in our presence.  We Thank You and Praise you Lord, that only
you can restore us, when our land is desolate and overthrown by

We Thank You Lord, that you will not leave your daughters and sons of
Zion as a cottage in a vineyard, or as a besieged city.  For the hope
that is in us, AND as the remnant of your people, that we are not given
over as Sodom and Gomorrah.

September 18, 2007 – Prayers during Rosh Hashanah 2007

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