Elul, The Time to Return to GOD…

teshuvah (repentance) is a VERY BIG word in the Hebrew Language of GOD.

(H7725) shuv (shuve); to turn back or return. teshuv; you shall turn back, you shall return

  • shuv (shuve) in Hebrew means to turn back/return. teshuvah is to return to GOD. teshuvah is a return to your original state of being.

(H8666) teshuvah; a return, an answer

Teshuvah is Transformation.

The Hebrew Letter Hei (H) added to a word takes it to a higher level…

teshuv + the letter hei (H) at the end of the word teshuv; is a return to the revelation of GOD, which is what the letter hei represents (revelation).

Repentance is Returning to the Word of GOD.

By adding our understanding of the meaning of the Hebrew Letters to the words themselves, we can see that the concept of teshuvah can be understood at an even deeper level than ‘repentance‘ alone. Repentance (teshuvah), is returning to GOD’s Word.

We can ask for forgiveness, but without returning to the covenant, i.e., returning to GOD’s Word, without the desire to change, our repentance is incomplete.

Repentance then, is also about self improvement.

I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine

Elul is spelled aleph (A) lamed (L) vav (V) lamed (L). The aleph is pronounced with an ‘eh’ sound.

The letters “aleph- lamed- vav- lamed” also form the acronym for Ani l‘dodi v‘l’dodi li, (ah-knee luh’doe-dee vuh’luh’doe-dee).  Hebrew for, “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.” Song of Songs 6:3

Solomon is writing on many levels. On one hand, he captures the very essence of the relationship we desire with GOD – unity. One the other he reminds us of how opposite we are from GOD.

Opposites Do Attract!

We are like that couple, that people point to and shake their head and ask, “How on earth did those two get together?” God is eternal, we’re not. God is love, we can be sometimes. GOD is All-Knowing, we’re not, GOD is All-Powerful, we wish we were! GOD loves the humble, we lean towards pride…

GOD sees past who we are today… and looks toward who we have the power to become!

Solomon reveals the very fabric of relationship with GOD is love and devotion, which is to be a reflection of who we are. Being with your bershart (your soulmate), should be like looking into a mirror, we should see a reflection of who we are in their eyes, in their soul.

When you look into the eyes of your beloved, what do you see?

Prayer is like looking into the eyes of GOD and seeing who you are.

Don’t look away.

Teshuvah Repairs The Father Fracture

“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, The LORD our GOD is one”. Deut 6:4

Sin breaks (fractures) our connection with GOD and creates distance that damages our relationship. Repentance restores our spiritual state and connection, making us one with GOD once more.

Repentance Can Not Be Accomplished Without Love.

If repentance is hard for you to do, or for anyone that you are ministering to, remind them that Moses’ prayers for the children of Israel came out of a place of love and compassion. He wanted to see their destiny fulfilled with his whole heart, his whole soul.

What are you prepared to do for your own soul?

Making Eye Contact With GOD.

People have a hard time looking each other in the eyes these days. We look at each other superficially, but we don’t actually see each other. Most often, we avoid the eyes altogether or take micro-glimpses at each other in passing.

In class, I give a very special homework assignment. I have assigned my students the task of looking into the eyes of their wife or husband, fiancé, special someone etc, even their children, to see just how long they can look into each other’s eyes, without looking away.

When is the last time you saw yourself in someone else eyes?

We have even performed this exercise with classmates. This part of the exercise results in students losing focus, laughing or breaking the connection abruptly. It’s a difficult process.

When Was the Last Time You Saw Your Reflection in Your Lover’s Eyes?

Lovers should be able to look into each other’s eyes and see their own reflection.

Mothers and Fathers should be able to look into their children’s eyes and see their own reflection, and their child should see theirs.

According to my students, this experiment is far more successful, parent to child.

You Can Not Wear a Mask Before GOD in Prayer…

When you love someone, you should be able to see into the window of their soul, nothing hidden, no cheating, no looking away.

Consider the low level of eye contact we actually share with one another in the natural.

I believe this difficulty carries over into the spirit/supernatural because many Christians have a very hard time spending time alone with GOD in prayer or meditation. Prayer is seeking the Face of GOD.

To Look Another Person In Their Eyes, is to Take A Look Into Their Spirit and that places us in a vulnerable position. Very few will be afforded this level of intimacy.

Raising the Level of Intimacy with GOD.

Spiritually speaking, what would the LORD see, if you allowed Him to look deeply into your eyes? Consider what that would feel like. If you allow Him to look, what would He see inside of your soul? What would you see?

Would He find His own reflection within you? His image and likeness?

Setting ourselves before GOD in prayer is allowing Him to look into the window of our soul. It’s giving Him total access to our character, our nature, our very being.

Prayer before GOD requires that we take off our masks, revealing our true self. It’s an act of self discovery and self disclosure. This is why, the type of prayer I am advocating can be so hard to press into.

It’s difficult but not impossible.

The reward? Is that you can honestly say to GOD, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” GOD becomes Elul.

GOD Does Not Pry.

Technically we know as Christians, that GOD has no problem looking into our soul. But don’t forget, GOD is a Gentleman. He is not going to get us in a headlock and force anything on us, He is not going to snoop on us, or ever force us into relationship.

Just because you give me access to your house and leave me there by myself, I assure you, I will not snoop through your closet, or search through all of your belongings, or read all of your mail, just because I have access and I could if I wanted to.

Therefore if youbeing evilknow to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Father who is in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those asking Him!” Luke 11:13

If I, being a sinner, know how to treat you right and respect you (give you good gifts), in front of you and behind your back, how much more will Our Father in Heaven?…

It’s a character issue.

When we were growing up, wasn’t it always better that we told on ourselves, than have our parents tell us what we did?

It’s not that they didn’t know (most of the time). They just wanted to see if we would come forth on our own. It’s a character issue.

Prayer is like a free will offering, an offering made out of love and heart felt devotion.

GOD is waiting on us to Communicate in Prayer.

Posts Included in This Series on Prayer:

Since the beginning of these posts for the month of Elul, I have spoken about prayer extensively, because prayer is the source of your strength. It is the secret of your strength. Even as I write these post, I am praying for you and everyone you transmit this teaching to, to understand that if we take this opportunity during the month of Elul to build or rebuild our relationship with GOD, these 30 days can/will set the tone for the next 11 months.

You will take wisdom into 2020 (The 1st of Tishrei) like you have never seen before. These post are like a map of sorts on how to get there. This wisdom and spiritual insight that will be downloaded to you, will come directly from the Heavens. My job is to show you how to access it. The rest is up to you.

Many, many, many years ago, I came across an anecdote that went something like this… It was about a man who had a leak in his basement. He did everything he could to find and stop the leak but it was pointless. Finally, in desperation he called a plumber.

The plumber arrived, went down into the basement, took a hammer and tapped on an overhead pipe. He found the hole and plugged it and presented his bill for $2,000.

The home owner was slightly irritated. “All you did was tap on a pipe and plug a hole and you are charging me $2K. You weren’t even here 5 minutes!”

The plumber said, “I only charged you $5.00 for plugging the leak. It cost $1,995.00 to know where to tap.”

I’m showing you where to tap.


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Anything that we hope to learn and accomplish through the Word of GOD must be born out of a spirit of prayer.

Prayer is the root of all our spiritual training. Study without prayer is futile. GOD ask that we meditate on His Word day and night, because without a dedicated personal prayer life, we can do very little for GOD and Man.

May GOD always send you a confirming word so that you will know that these words are true.

GOD Bless You Always,

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