“Torah is not education, it’s transformation.”Rebbitzen Dena Weinberg

For our Blog Style Bible Study, these are the initial supplies you will need, plus suggestions on how to prepare your atmosphere for torah!

Let me begin with a disclosure: The Bible Study Lessons that I will present are atypical. Together, we will examine little known passages, trace down common threads and patterns that are hidden in plain sight, and connect the dots. In short, we will examine the torah from many different angles and our reward will be extracting honey from the rock. Lets get started!

Step 1:

1. King James Study Bible. Online or Book format. I typically pull my quotes on scripture from King James only.

2. A Bible Concordance. I recommend the Strong’s Concordance, to begin with. As huge as it is, you can always find one at a reasonable price.

Option B to the Strong’s is to learn how to use search engines online that provide an easily accessible alternative with the same information. i.e.,, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Online, etc. With practice you will quickly learn how to use them. Experiment with similar apps to see which one you prefer.

As you plan to follow along with the blog, I want you to be able to check everything that I teach you, which is why I cite sources.

As we progress on our journey, I will recommend other books, materials and resources that will be of advantage to you to acquire or access. I continuously recommend books, so please don’t let that overwhelm you. More than likely, I will create a Book List Tab to track all the books and materials I recommend as they become relevant to where we are in our studies.

Determine the best place for you to concentrate when you study.
Find the best time of day, to consecrate to your study time. Be consistent. However, if your selected time of day is not working for you, tweak it.

You may find that once you make a consecration time for study, every imaginable issue will rise up to interfere with it. Don’t worry and don’t get frustrated. Anticipate hindrances and plan ahead! Shift around your time until you find one that works best for you.

Even if it turns out that you need to get up and study at 3AM in the morning, to have some peace and quiet in order to gain the advantage, do it! The only thing you need to ask yourself is, “How bad do I want this knowledge for myself?” What are you prepared to do to make this work?

If it is not that serious, then it is not that serious, and this is your decision to make. Circle back another time, or let it go.

Step 3:
In your selected study area, place flowers or scented candles. Boil cinnamon or incense in a pot of water– warm up the atmosphere with fragrance. It helps you concentrate when you study. Scents can also help you recall information. Pleasant odours just make you feel good, and they get you in the mood for study!

No cell phones or emails, or self-inflicted distractions of any kind. This exercise is about consecrating time to the LORD, as a sacrifice and love offering. For example, your attendance in the study time you set is a statement to GOD saying, “I plan to be here at 3AM in the morning, every M-T-W-Th, whether you show up or not. In fact, I am going to be here UNTIL you show up in my study time, and reveal your wisdom to me”.

This is an example of what I meant earlier when I spoke of placing a demand on Heaven. You will find yourself smack dab on the pages of scripture. On several pages of scripture in fact, including my personal favourite, “I will not let you go… until you bless me!” (Gen 32:26).

Step 4:
If you are getting up at 3AM, or some other equally daunting or stressful time in your schedule, freshen up and wake up. This improves your ability to concentrate.

Whether you have designated 30 minutes, or 60 minutes– be on time for your own blessing! Use the entire time you allotted. Keep the promises that you made to yourself.

Please use the comments tab below to submit your questions or send a reply. Thank You.

I will post the 1st Study Session this Week!
[When I find typo’s that I did not see before I published and/or I re-read and know that I could have stated something better for clarity, I will make corrections and place brackets around the changes, like so. I want your final product to be as pristine as possible. Also, you have noticed that I do not include the scripture reference when I am quoting or paraphrasing something from the New Testament. I do that intentionally. We know this material and I believe it is already a part of our regular dialogue. We may have the impulse to look them up and that’s good. I want to provoke us to do that. It’s good for the soul 🙂 Your a good student! God Bless You].