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“There is an important reason that saints are likened to the stars. The sages teach that the righteous do not die; even after death they are considered alive. They still live, since their souls are beneath GOD’s Throne of Glory (Kissey ha-kavod). In this respect, they are like the stars. Although the stars are invisible by day, they exist in their place. It is we who cannot see them, because of the illumination of the sky. The same is true of the righteous, they exist after their death, but we cannot see them because of our sins. Still, the righteous remain in their place.

Just as it is impossible to see the light of the stars by day, it is impossible to see the greatness of saints in this world. It is only recognizable after they die. The sages therefore say, “Saints are greater after their death than they are in this life.”


Excerpt from MeAm Lo’ez by Rabbi Yaakov Culi, Book 4 Israel in Egypt –A torahisteaching 2021 Book Club Recommendation

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    1. So glad we can share this book, send me messages every now and then of what you think, your thoughts, what you learned.. if you like it..etc. can’t wait to hear from you!

      1. I will. Don’t know where on this spinning orb you call home. Here it it late evening. If it is for you too, rest well in His arms …

  1. As I slowly journey through the pages of the Torah, the rest of the Tanakh and the B’rit Chadashah again and again, the accounts of my spiritual fathers and mothers and so many others speak of the great wisdom of my Father in choosing their lives in particular to be a testimony and a witness of what it means to be a set-apart one to Him. He has, now is and will continue to use them as counselors, teachers, intercessors, priests, prophets, and tzaddiks to show me The Way Home. Goodness, I am a most blessed woman to have them as companions on my journey!

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