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ELUL, The Month of The Search… Praying The Lord’s Prayer IN HEBREW & ENGLISH

Practice reading The Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew (Matthew 6:9-15). Use the transliteration key in BLUE in order to practice reciting the prayer daily. You can incorporate the prayer before, during or after praying the Psalms.

Flow with these prayer strategies during the month of Elul and watch the power of GOD fall on your faithfulness.

The Month of Elul: August 20th – September 18, 2020. -29 Days of Elul

We learned this as children, and it has devolved for some as a “patty cake” type of prayer. It’s been relegated to the place of a nursery rhyme for far too many Christians.

Over the next few months I hope to demonstrate the revelatory power in this sweet, clear, concise, precious message to every believer on how to pray. It’s more than a simplistic pattern of prayer.

Let us press in for a new level through speaking the prayer in the Hebrew tongue and stand the watch.

Note: Click on the Attachment below in order to enlarge the picture. In Hebrew you read from right to left. Begin with… ah-vee-new she-bah-sha-my-eem

For Heather and Renae! Attached is a recording just for you!

If any of you have trouble printing out a copy of the prayer, send me an email to torahbythesea@gmail.com and we will forward you a copy as soon as possible. Thank You.

Recording #1 The Lord’s Prayer read in Hebrew only – very slowly
Recording #2 The Lord’s Prayer read in both Hebrew & English – very slowly –all verses

Over the next 33 days, remain faithful to Praying the Psalms with us and rehearse the Lord’s Prayer in your own ears, over your own spirit. Don’t be critical over your pronunciation, don’t be discouraged. GOD rewards your diligence in pursuit of Him and His Holy language.

Understanding will come. You never had to be perfect, we only need to be faithful in the little things.

During this Elul, we are taking a huge step towards GOD, through increased consecration and dedication, and GOD is Faithful!

May revelation and insight abound in you over the next 33 days, like never before! Amen.