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a.k.a. Equidistant Letter Sequence

Rabbi Michael Ber Weismandl discovered a previously unidentified pattern in the Torah. He identified that the word torah is spelled out at 49 letter intervals.

There are quite a few people who argue that this is a coincidence. Which means this ‘coincidence’ occurs 5 times, once within each book.

In the Book of Genesis and Exodus, we find the word torah at 49 letter intervals revealed in the text of Chapters 1 in each book, from left to right. In the Books of Numbers and Deuteronomy, the word torah is revealed at 49 letter intervals embedded in the text in Chapters 1 of each book, from right to left. (See diagrams below).

The 1st two Books of the Torah point left to right toward the Book of Leviticus.

The last two Books of the Torah point back toward the center. Which is again, toward the Book of Leviticus.

Some of you may have been shown this before. Some of you may be seeing this for the first time. Either way, since we are studying the Torah, I want you to be aware of it in order to make up your own minds as to what you see and decide the significance of the observation. Is this coincidence or a message bearing divine providence?

Let’s take a closer look…


Beginning with the very first word in verse one, ‘bereshit‘ (which means, “In the Beginning“) and the last letter of the word we have our first letter in the word torah… the letter tav (highlighted in yellow on the diagram below). 49 letters later, is the vav. Next the reish, followed by the letter hei. All 49 letters apart.


Again, beginning with the last letter (tav) in the word shemot, meaning ‘names‘. Counting forward 49 letters in sequence you reach the vav. Continuing in the sequence this is followed by the reish and the hei (highlighted in blue).

The letters of the word torah are presented in order from left to right, in the same direction that we read in the West, as in the English language. In this respect the words are facing toward the Book of Leviticus, the center of the Books of Torah.


In the Book of Leviticus, the equidistant sequence changes to every 7 letters beginning with the 1st yod in the verse in thee word vye-yeekkra meaning “And He called.” After counting every 7th letter, the sequence reveals the Name of GOD, YHVH. The letters appear in the code from right to left, as the language is written in the East.

We have decoded the word torah, found in the Books of Genesis and Exodus. Torah points toward YHVH in the Book of Leviticus.

Pronunciation key: vye in vye-yeek-kra, rhymes with bye.


In the Book of Exodus we return to the 49 letter sequence. This time the word torah appears in the order that words are written in the East, from right to left. From our perspective in the West, the letters appear to be in reverse order. The letters are facing toward the West, toward the Book of Leviticus.

The letters of the word torah are facing toward YHVH in the center of the Torah.


One final time, we have the word torah appearing after every 49th letter in the reverse direction, from the direction of the East to the West. The first letter, thee tav found in the word n’tah’ti, translated “I have set.

The vav, representing the holam vav in the word torah is located in the word uu-vah-neh-gehv translated, “In the South.

The letter reish is found in the word b’har translated “In this Mountain.

And the last letter, the hei is the word the, which in this verse is connected to the word torah; reading ha-to-rah, “the torah.” The hei which precedes the word torah is pronounced “ha.”

I’m hearing another message, in addition to the fact that the word torah is found embedded in the first chapter of the Book of Deuteronomy, every 49th letter, facing toward the West and the Center of the Torah itself.

“I have set in this mountain the torah.”

Coincidence or a message of divine providence?

Is GOD signing His Message with His Name in the Center of the Book, with East and West facing toward His Name and His Word?

Everything points to GOD. Even His own Word on the pages of scripture conveys divine connection. Amen.

For Carl,