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Who Can Thank GOD For The Darkest Days Of Their Lives? Part 1

After pleading for GOD to move speedily on his behalf, Psalm 39 laments the brevity of life. In this season of praying the psalms, Psalm 39 stands out as an imperative to heed our ways and hold our tongues. We begin with part 1 of this message; Psalms 39, verses 1-4.

The Tehillim, David’s Book of Praises, is a collection of David’s passionate prayers for deliverance and salvation, his urgent plea for help from the sanctuary; from those that sought to provoke, taunt, mock, and haunt his day, his ministry, and his life.

One of the most powerful things David left in his legacy for us, is teaching us how to praise GOD in spite of the pain, disappointment, rejection, etc., especially during the times that appear to be some of the darkest days of your life.

Who among us is able to thank GOD, for even the darkest days of their life… and still praise like a King, like a David?

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