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Our Book Club read for February is, ‘The Parable’ by Brad Young!

Dr. Young’s book is available by most major book retailers. It’s very easy to find.

We will begin reading February 5 through March 5th.

Use this quick sign-up form to register and keep in touch with the key insights & observations of other students.

Thank You! Enjoy this learning journey!

To close out on January’s read of ‘Between GOD and Man’ by Abraham Joshua Heschel, use this link to submit your review of the book! Thank You.

Book Club Review- January 2022 – Between GOD & Man.

2 thoughts on “NEW BOOK CLUB READ FOR FEBRUARY 2022”

  1. Is this Website still active? I haven’t seen anything new since February. I would like to order the new Intercessor book by Yvette Malveaux if available.

    1. YES!. I have been so very busy with writing, editing and planning over the last few months, I have not been able to release the book as of yet! Rev. Yvette Malveaux’s book is still undergoing editing, proofing, etc. However, if you would like to send her any questions or just correspond with her, you can reach her via her Facebook page, The Librarian Yvette Malveaux.

      New Post was published today!

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