Parsha Toldot – Two Nations Are in Your Womb

Course: Intro to the Book of Genesis– Class Handouts Note: I am currently transitioning class materials onto this page as we continue through the course. Please refer back to this page at least once per week to ensure you collect all class materials/handouts/worksheets. Shalom

BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF PARSHA TOLDOT: This teaching will be built and expanded upon as we move forward. Enclosed is the Newsletter that was created for this teaching.

Remember: Always approach your time of study in the Word of GOD with humility and prayer before you begin, and close with prayer afterward. To assist with this, I am adding this link to the BLESSING BEFORE & AFTER TORAH STUDY, for quick access. After you are done studying, scroll to the last prayer on the LANGUAGE OF PRAYER page and you will see the Blessing After Torah Study.

The BLESSING AFTER TORAH STUDY, Scroll to the end of the page to locate the Blessing After Torah Study.

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