Tish B’Av…The Darkest Friday of the Year…

Tonight, August 2, 2019 is the beginning of the Month of Av; The saddest month on the Hebrew calendar.

Av begins this year with the darkest Friday in a month. Tonight is also the Sabbath, occuring on the darkest Friday, which announces the Head of the Month
Av, the 1st of Av.
This is not coincidence.

Av will also end with the darkest Friday of the month, August 30th, 2019, aka the 29th of Av.

How is this Tish B’Av connected to the darkest Friday?

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How fitting the month of Av begins on the sabbath. The month begins in darkness and ends in darkness, to remind us of how careful and mindful we need to be about the times and seasons of the Kingdom.

The Month of Av is a time of mourning. A time we mourn the loss of our Home with GOD. (The loss of the Temple in the natural, a loss of our deepest possible relationship with GOD in the spiritual).

The most severe catastrophies for Israel have occurred historically, in the Month of Av.
For we were called to be a light in the midst of darkness and this is the most important time of the year that we must focus on being just that.

Tonight Your starting this Sabbath with light.
May the people of GOD step up tonight and accept the light of GOD.

Stay in the Light all month, Speak Light, bask in His Light. Become that Light.

If you stopped and considered the seasons in which your most difficult moments have occurred, when have they happened?

Have you ever detected a pattern?

Do these seasons just come and go in your life unnoticed, unrecognized, with no preparation?

If you have detected a pattern in your life in which difficulty occurs, do you saturate those seasons in prayer and fasting before they come around again?

Scatter your spiritual enemies with prayer. Set your prayers in battle array.

Make the enemy do battle with your prayers before they ever think to enter your territory.

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