The Day After Pentecost Has Come…

The Days of Counting the Omer have past and Pentecost is now yesterday, if we allow it to be.

The Counting of the Omer was a Commandment (Leviticus 23:15-16). It’s purpose is to focus our attention during the days between Passover and Pentecost, on the Giving of the Word at Mt. Sinai.

Aside from all the arguments Christianity gives of, “being under a new covenant”, the Counting of the Omer was given for a higher purpose.

A purpose that surpasses our differences of interpretation.

This purpose concerns our spiritual health and well being. The Counting of the Omer is to commemorate the Giving of the Torah, the Giving of His Word to us, which is what we are seeking daily.

The Feast of GOD are given in cycles. Our benefit, is that as the cycles return, we can enter into the same blessing during the Season the Heavens are open for these types of blessings.

The Feast are Divine Appointments with GOD. He maintains a Spiritual Calendar, that most Christians don’t even know is available to them.

Lack of this critical spiritual knowledge leaves us open and vunerable.

The mockers and scorners can say what they will. Don’t allow them to deter you any further.

I know the Prophetic Power of the Feast of the Lord, and they contain blessings we all have need of.

Who Doesn’t’ Want Greater Blessings?

GOD ask that we proclaim His Seasons. When we come into agreement regarding the Supernatural Seasons of GOD, more blessings flow.

This is what I want you to know for yourselves.


We keep every other carnal, chronological, mundane date on the secular calendar, and miss every Divine Appointment that GOD has scheduled for a Personal Meeting with us. What sense does that make?

I remember now… someone said, we don’t have to keep the Feasts of the LORD anymore.

This is a good place to decide something…

15. And ye shall count unto you from the morrow after the day of rest, from the day that ye brought the omer of the waving; seven weeks shall there be complete;

16. even unto the morrow after the seventh week shall ye number fifty days; and ye shall present a new meal-offering unto the LORD.

Leviticus 23:14 commands us to keep the feast as an statute forever, throughout our generations.

Christ testified that he did not abolish or destroy the commandments (Matt 5:17).

He kept the feast days, and so did his disciples after him.

May our Love for GOD settle the Dispute!

A new bottom-line I would like to offer everyone, that has been taught to abandon the Feast of GOD, should this topic irritate or concern anyone,(which is NOT my intent) is this…

I want to give everyone who reads this an opportunity to consider these words in prayer over the next 10 months, in prayer…

and consider your love for GOD…

When you love someone, it’s an all or nothing proposition. Despite, our likes and dislikes, nothing about them is obsolete or insignificant.

When we love someone, we acknowledge them and celebrate them. You would not allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

You find ways to make what is special to them, special to you.

What is important to them, becomes important to you.

At the very least, the Feast Days are Special to GOD, therefore we should make them Special to Us!

In His “Mind”, according to His Words, forever is perpetual and everlasting.

Forever, has no expiration date.

His promises are eternal and so are His Sabbaths and His Feasts.

How can we as ‘believers’ claim promises that are eternal, but call his Feast obsolete? His Word is the same, yesterday, today, and forever, right?

His Feast are attached to His Word.

We say Christ is the LORD of the Sabbath. True.

How do we celebrate Christ? Do we celebrate the Sabbath? Do we celebrate Christ once a year at Passover?

Do we Pray with Him, once in a while?

We can’t separate the Feast from the Sabbaths, the Feast are Sabbaths.

The Feast make us MINDFUL of Him. The Feast are a way of saying, ‘I Love Everything about You!’ What’s important to you, is important to me.

We can call it outdated or “old”, but the truth is, the spiritual health and well being of the people is worse and worsening.

Afflictions of the spirit include, but are not limited to, depression, rage, anger, alcoholism, drug addictions, misery, cursing, suicide attempts, etc.

Spiritually speaking, all are serious indications of a sick, tired and weakened spirit.

I say this to say, that GOD instituted a plan for spiritual cleansing and healing that we either don’t know about, have no confidence in (trust), consider to be outdated, or have been taught to consider them outdated.

Be it unto you, as your faith is…

Yet, “Christ touched their eyes, saying, According to your faith, be it unto you.” (Matt 9:9, [Matt 9:20, 22, 23, 8:13, 21:21, Mark 5:34, 10:52, Luke 8:48, 17:19], Just to cite a few).

The faith that made them whole, always included the substance of GOD’s Spiritual Remedies.

The Omer Contains Opportunity.

Our 49 days of spiritual reflection has culminated in another level of a prophetic journey from our personal Egypt’s, to our Prophetic Word at Mt. Sinai.

Egypt represents the World, the World’s Systems, bondage, and/or spiritual depravity or spiritual deprivation.

Mt. Sinai was the remedy to the world systems, spiritual depravity and/or spiritual deprivation.

The children of Israel had sunk to their lowest level ever. It took sinking to the lowest possible level, before they cried out to GOD with one heart, one mind.

They had adapted / assimilated to so many of the worlds customs and traditions and replaced them for the customs and traditions of GOD, that they had lost nearly all of their spiritual identity…

Their ONE redeeming quality was that they kept their names… (the last traces of their spiritual identity), they remembered GOD, and they got back into a position of prayer.

Why am I calling these 3 (spiritual) factors ONE?

Because, it was these 3 (spiritual) factors working in combination that became their 3 strand cord.

A cord strong enough to pull them back from the brink.

How did our journey to Sinai begin this year? (April 27th through June 8th).

Did we even make the journey?

Did we search our hearts to discover what it is we needed most to remove from our carnal nature?

Was there even one thing we sought to change about our character and nature?

What were we mindful of during the Counting of the Omer?

Did we purpose in our heart to achieve a higher spiritual level, and pray daily for 49 days to constrain the anointing over our request?

Or, did the pressures of our daily lives pull us out of the anointing until we lost focus and our spiritual request became a fleeting memory?

49 days to focus on character refinement. How did you do?

Where have we arrived?

Which of my baser instincts was I able to conquer?

Which element of my personality has been refined into an expression of the divine?

The barley offering is a food for animals, but sifted and refined, it is eligible to be offered to God.

What refinement of our character can we offer to GOD?

The Omer represents our aspiration and commitment to character refinement, to ennoble our carnal nature and baser instincts and prepare ourselves for greater spiritual achievements.

In Genesis 1:20, 21, 24, 30 and 2:19; GOD creates the animals with ‘nephesh chaiyah’ (a living soul).

Man is created ‘nephesh chaiyah’ also; (a living soul, Genesis 2:7).

The same language applies to us both.

Man and animals possess a soul, and the animalistic instinct.

We are animals (Scientifically classified as part of the Animal Kingdom), but we are not limited to scientific classifications as animals.

Man contains the breath of GOD, which has the power to elevate us above our animalistic tendencies.

To accomplish this we have to nurture our spirit with the WORD of GOD.

His Word, is His Presence. We have to adorn ourselves with our spiritual garments and not leave them hanging up in the tent, like our brother Esau.

Our souls are equipped to elevate above our animalistic instincts.

A Measure of Barley for Your Character

During the counting of the Omer, the children of Israel, offered barley as an offering to GOD.

In a prophetic sense of the term, ‘Sifted and Refined like barley, we are worthy to approach God.

Our Hebrew Roots agree with our Christian teaching in that, it is our mandate to rise above our carnal nature, to rise above the rule of our instinct, to realize and actualize our higher nature.

As ALWAYS, GOD is Good.

Regardless of where we came out in regards to the Counting of the Omer, we have the power to repent.

We can proclaim at anytime, a spiritual consecration to GOD. A DO OVER, if you will.

Our Faith can Make Us Whole!


We can also, change the outcome for 2020, declare our Omer, put it on our Google Calendars Now! Look forward to it! April 16th – May 29th, 2020.

Pray our way there!

GOD, loves a Bold Move toward the Throne!

Pray and Meditate on this message. “Ask and it shall be given unto you”, if I speak the Wisdom of GOD or not.

Send them a confirming Word, Jesus.


This message is dedicated to EVERYONE and their Households, EVERYONE who tapped into this blog this Year and EVERYONE who taps into it throughout 2020.

I speak into your next 365 Days, till we meet again at Pentecost.

The Days shall await your prayers and instructions. Design them carefully, with your prayers.

Pray them well. Decree and declare with me, your next 365 days shall serve you, the days shall open up their treasures and release blessings, all the fruit of the spirit, with royalties; wisdom, knowledge, understanding, perfecting spiritual insight, and discernment.

May your words become saturated in the anointing and absorb all the oil, the corn, the wine, the honey, the manna and wheat, from God’s Word and His Promises.

May your spirit be revived by your consecration and dedication.

Together, through the Power of the Word of GOD in us, so be it, as our Faith is.

May this message be pleasing to GOD.


**(This entire message is a prayer. My apologies for publishing this twice, but from my tiny phone I had difficulty publishing the correct draft copy).