Scripture is meticulous in giving the pedigree (bloodline) of the Prophets, Priests, and Kings. The way in which the pedigree is given is essential in understanding the purpose, destiny, and assignments of them all; from the Prophets, Priests, and Kings to the Patriarchs, Matriarchs and the Messiah.

The Way of the Intercessor is cultivated by a lifestyle of faithfulness and dedication to GOD, study, service, sacrifice, selflessness, and surrender, made possible through compassion and love. This is the pedigree of the prophetic intercessor. These are the credentials of your calling that open up the realms of the spirit, responding to the voice of authority that dwells within you. This voice speaks from an orientation in the spirit that is rooted and grounded in the intimate knowledge of God through His Word, which draws Him close. It’s this relationship, cemented by the Word of GOD that elevates prayer to the prophetic.

In The Way of the Intercessor, you will take the path of study that increases wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Word. Through this study you will unlock key messages and meanings of the Word by saturating yourself in God’s Language of Love, embedded in the scriptures. This is that principle ingredient which propels prayer to its highest pinnacle of power. Take hold of these foundational concepts that elevate you to the heights of the already-been-done kind of prayers that war in the spirit through the Power of His Love.


A New Book by Yvette Malveaux (Author of, Know Thyself & Take Flight) and Rev. Stephanie Madison (

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