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The Journey Back to a Torah Mindset Begins… Part 1

– A Rabbi once asked his five students, “What is the good path to which a human being should cling?”  Naturally, he received five different answers.  The question is now posed to you.  What is the good path to which a human being should cling?



Torah teaches you, that you are important to God. The trouble with that significant piece of information is, that before you can ever fully come into the knowledge of this truth, you must first be important enough to yourself to discover why it is true. So, we now have a dilemma. Judging by what we may see in the world around us, it may be difficult to imagine yourself as, “an answer” to anything. Where is the evidence of my importance to God? How am I, an answer?


I actually consider these fair questions. When it comes to the Word of God, we all ask very worthy and intriguing questions that deserve a response. But as my students come to learn, big questions require big answers. In order to have our questions about God answered, (and our questions about ourselves) we have to decide how much time, if any, are we willing to invest in hearing the torah out? Are you willing to search the scriptures for yourselves, to see if these things be true? Let me ask that another way. Are you willing to do the work it takes to locate yourself on the pages of scripture?

What a student learns in their own study, can be far more powerful than what the teacher can ever teach them. God said, “Learn of me.” (Matt. 11:29 KJV). This requires a personal commitment, a teachable spirit and a consecrated heart.

Our minds are powerful and dynamic. In my experience, the student never has just one question. Any question you ask, is just one small component of what you really wanted to know. There are years of thoughts (the ungodly and Godly kind), ideas, disappointments, suppositions, information, and misinformation which are compounded by our life experiences from jubilation, to accusations, to church frustrations that are wound up in everyone’s simple questions about God.

We are complex and our questions are complex. God is complex, and we are created in the image and likeness of His complex being. In short, no simple answers will ever satisfy us at our core, and that’s a good thing. That being said, where do we begin?

SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES…to see if these things be true…

We begin with a heart of study, a heart of purpose and intention. Everyone eventually arrives at a place in life where the pew is not enough and the world is not enough. You know there is something more to all of it, especially the Word of God. You arrive at a place where all of your mindful recognition of God, your awareness and open acknowledgment that He exists, is compromised knowingly and simultaneously, by your present daily awareness that you don’t really operate like God is before you at all times. This is true for a great many peoples. In the larger scheme of things, the Book of Revelation may just be right. Of the 7.6+ billion people in the world today, there may only be, 144 thousand qualified to walk with Christ in the thousand year reign. What if this 144k is comprised of all the people that ever lived? …not just people living in this present day and time? If God is speaking in literal terms, we do get a sense that the enormous gap between 7 billion and 144 thousand, correlates with how far removed the majority of people in this world are from God.


How does this news help matters? If you decide to place a demand on Heaven to increase our ranks and become, one hundered-forty four thousand and ONE, you have chosen to become a light in the midst of darkness. At anytime we can say, ” We are better than this!”. When we decide, as believers to place a demand on Heaven saying, “I make 144k and One! That’s when we have conclusively decided to study to show ourselves approved. We have the ability to stand before God like Moses and ask for a different outcome. But we have not challenged God on the matter. More often than not, we look for ways to explain the hundred-forty-four thousand. Perhaps, we should present God with an argument to increase it!

This can only happen when we decide to come out of the pew, serve others and do the actual work of God. When we decide that, we are not good enough the way we are, anad the situation is not good enough the way it is. We decide our voice matters. We decide our life matters. We decide that it’s preferable not to be of the 1% of the world, and to pursue instead, the one-hundred-thousandth percentile with God. We decide that humility, kindness, generosity, and compassion is better than, not less than. We decide that character refinement is our mandate. We decide that consecration, education and dedication are not less than, but greater than. We decide that we know the difference between right and wrong, and we no longer stay silent about wrong. Especially when its happening right in front of us. If it is in your power to do good, will you do it? This is the substance and quality of our faith.


When we decide to educate, validate and emancipate ourselves from lower level thinking, that’s when we are ready to question what we know, and how we know it. When we are so hungry for God’s wisdom that we submit our wisdom to His. When we can see the signs of God along the way and are not ashamed to follow Him and let everybody see it. In our carnality, the things that we treasure are…what we know, what we think we know, what we have, what we want to have, what we hold dear, what we think should be held dear…When we are ready to put someone else’s needs ahead of our own, we abandon our worldly treasures. This is when we are ready to hear God’s word. When we begin to notice that our conversation has changed and elevated. When we are ready to love our neighbor, who is, by the way, our enemy...that’s when we are truly ready to do a work for the Lord God Almighty. That’s when we transfer ourselves and our possessions from our kingdom and what we cherish, and into the Kingdom of Heaven, which God treasures.


It is around this time and space, when we begin to hear the answer to our questions and we become an answer ourselves. When we are ready to lay down all of our worldly carnal weapons and say teach me LORD, how to wield the weapons of Your Warfare. When we decide a prayer life is not so hard to accomplish. When we decide worship is not embarrassing or a foreign concept, but a lifestyle. When we decide that gossip, loshon hara (an evil tongue or wicked speech) or a mean spirit are putting blockades between ourselves and God, shutting up the Heavens like iron. When we would rather control our tongues than put up walls between ourselves and God. When dying to self is preferable to staying stuck in our own wicked ways. This is how we release the anointing over our own lives. That’s just how it works.

Torah elevates thought. Torah elevates your work ethic. Torah creates moves ahead of your opponents. Torah opens up the Heavens. Torah increases wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Torah increases compassion. Torah changes us.   If we are not ready to do all of the above, there is no reason to study torah… because that’s all God talks about.


There are no short answers to weighty questions. There’s only study and walking out the answers. Besides, once you know the answer for yourself and become the answer, no one can ever take that knowledge of who you are, away from you. Then and only then, are you ready to give an answer to everyone, about who God is.


This blog will be about connecting the dots in scripture and showing you where all the connection points are, line upon line. I’ve been very straight forward, very matter of fact, because your time, your life, your role in God’s plan is not just valuable, it’s a matter of urgency.

If you’re ready to challenge what you’ve already been taught, ready to build upon good soil, ready to be good soil, this blog may be a good match for you.

Let’s study the Plan of God…

Note: In every place where I spoke of “You, Us or Your”, I am referring to the collective “Us”, as the Body of Christ. This blog is not being written as an apologetics tool. It is written for those who believe already. If you do not, you may find this blog helpful in clarifying points of scripture. However, it is not written to challenge anyone but the Christian Believer and My Current Students, who are seeking Greater Knowledge and Understanding in the Word of God.

This Blog is dedicated to my son in honor of the memory of a precious soul he knew, whose life was cut short by baseless hatred and senseless violence.

…I am so sorry for your loss. I know that place you find yourself in and how hard it is to celebrate a homegoing. So I will call it instead, his Change of Address. You lost his presence here on earth, the presence of someone you truly cared about, one of your peers. Someone whose life, ideas, thoughts, and messages penetrated your soul, like the Word of God itself. Be comforted. His blood cries out from the ground and his voice can still be heard in the earth. People of his caliber are rare jewels and their legacy must be continued. I pray that the passion and compassion you feel in your heart today, never perishes from this earth. I pray that the international community never forgets and that thousands of young men place a demand on Heaven and pick up his mantle. I pray that the love they feel in this moment fell on the good soil in their hearts. Let the ache in their hearts become a perpetual fire of purpose. His message and his deeds will not be snatched away, the beast of the field shall not trample over them. His seed shall remain and multiply, and his Legacy Continues.

To God be the Glory, Amen.

[When I find typo’s that I did not see before I published and/or I re-read and know that I could have stated something better for clarity, I will make corrections and place brackets around the changes, like so.  I want your final product to be as pristine as possible.  Also, you have noticed that I do not include the scripture reference when I am quoting or paraphrasing something from the New Testament.  I do that intentionally.  We know this material and I believe it is already a part of our regular dialogue.  We may have the impulse to look them up and that’s good.  I want to provoke us to do that.  It’s good for the soul 🙂  Your a good student!  God Bless You].

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